What We Offer

Weekly Tuition Programmes

For Years 3 to 5
EMW (English/Maths/Writing)

For Year 5 to 6 (in Summer Holidays)
Private School Scholarship & IGNITE Preparation Course

For Years 6 to 10
EMS (English/Maths/Science)

For Year 11
UCAT, Chemistry (SACE), Maths (SACE), Physics (SACE), Biology (SACE)

For Year 12

Assessment And Reports

All students’ performance is assessed and their work is rigorously checked and revised to ensure they develop an understanding of how to individually and independently correct, refine and improve their skills. Test papers are marked by Tuitionworks tutors and each student’s result will be stored in our database.

We help you track your child’s progress by providing student evaluation reports at the end of each term, and the opportunity to view your child’s homework status and test results. From the reports, both students and parents can identify strengths and weaknesses and areas that need improvement. We give parents valuable insight into their child’s progress!

Free Homework Help Class

Students can obtain further assistance in their weak areas in Tuitionworks class work or their Tuitionworks homework. Students will receive extra attention for one session on a weekly basis, so they can overcome any difficulties. This Homework Help Class is absolutely free of charge!

What We Offer That Others Don’t

  • In depth knowledge of Adelaide education industry, scholarships and schools
  • Over 20 years experience in the tuition industry in Australia.
  • FREE learning materials.
  • FREE Homework Help Classes with individual attention.
  • A total commitment to each student’s success.
  • All Tuitionworks homework is fully marked by our tutors.
  • Tutors use a variety of approaches such as discussion, debate and problem solving.