Terms and Conditions

Any student enrolling in Tuitionworks must agree to abide by the rules set out below:

  • The EMW course is compulsory for all Years 3-6 students. The EMS course is compulsory for all Years 7-10 students. Students cannot choose to enrol in one subject alone (for example, Maths).
  • All term payments must be paid in advance by the due date. “In advance” means full payment by the due date specified on the relevant term’s invoice.
  • If payment is not made by the due date, Tuitionworks reserve the right to terminate enrolment without any notice.
  • Monthly or weekly payments are not accepted. Fees are payable in full term advance payment only.
  • The entry assessment test is compulsory for students wishing to enrol at Tuitionworks. The test is used to determine whether a student is suited to group tuition and, if so, which class will be most suitable. Completing an assessment test does not guarantee that a student will be placed in a class. The $25.00 entry assessment test fee is non-refundable.
  • Discounts are applicable on EMW/EMS full term advance payments only. Terms are usually ten (10) weeks in duration.
  • Any students commencing courses in the middle of the term will have to pay fees for the remaining number of weeks in that term. No discounts apply to these students.
  • The discount is not applicable for any additional course including the Summer Scholarship Course and Year 11/12 classes.
  • Please ensure students are able to attend for the full term before making payment. No refund will be provided once payment for the term has been made and the respective term has commenced.
  • Refunds will only be given if payment for the term is made upfront and a request is made for a refund prior to the student attending the first class for that term. Under this circumstance, a full refund will be provided, less a 30% administration fee.
  • Students are expected to attend all sessions in which they are enrolled.
  • If your child cannot attend one or more classes assigned to them, the payment of each of the classes missed will not be refunded or credited for future sessions.
  • Any student who is asked to leave a session due to his or her misconduct or inappropriate behaviour will not have payment refunded or credited under any circumstances. Any student who conducts himself in a manner that is offensive and / or disturbing to other students during classes will be asked to leave immediately. Tuitionworks reserve the right to refuse a student entry to any class with or without any explanation.
  • Any student who causes damage to the premises will be liable for repairing or replacing such damage.
  • Students are to make an honest effort to achieve their personal best in all courses of study, and must be respectful towards teaching and non-teaching staff at all times.
  • Students are to be punctual for all classes and are expected to be on their best behaviour at all times, including prior to and after lessons.
  • Students must refrain from the following forms of morally or socially unacceptable behaviour: vandalism or theft; intimidation or harassment; possession of offensive material or weapons; and offensive language or behaviour. Tuitionworks reserve the right to immediately terminate, without notice, the enrolment of any student who displays the above mentioned morally or socially unacceptable behaviour. Under these circumstances, no refund will be provided.
  • If fees are unpaid for more than two (2) weeks, an administration charge of $30.00 per week will accrue on the account. This is applicable to existing students. Failure to settle this account will result in it being passed to the Credit Reference Agency. Legal proceedings to recover the debt will follow.
  • A late fee will be charged, at the Director’s discretion, if you are late collecting your child after their lesson has finished. This is to protect your child’s safety. If you are genuinely delayed, please call the Tuitionworks and let us know. However, you will be charged $15.00 for every fifteen (15) minutes or part thereof you are late.
  • Tuitionworks reserve the right to terminate any student’s enrolment without any explanation. Upon receipt of payment, students will not be refunded for classes previously attended or credited for future classes not attended.
  • If Tuitionworks is not notified by the end of week one (1), of the forthcoming term, of your child’s intention to continue enrolment, Tuitionworks will presume your child’s discontinuance and reserve the right to offer your child’s placement to another student.
  • Tuitionworks reserve the right to amend our Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

Please thoroughly read our Terms and Conditions upon enrolment or feel free to ask for the current version at any time.