Secondary Programme

Our EMS programme is designed for students in years 6 – 10. It covers the important subjects of English and Maths, while also giving students a strong foundation in the often difficult subject of Science.

With SACE/IB and University entrance being the goal of most high school students, Tuitionworks understands the importance of laying down a strong foundation in the early years of high school. Often students who performed very well in primary school find themselves slipping in these years and despite the potential they possess, their results at the end of high school are disappointing.

Our emphasis is not on rote learning but on providing activities which aid understanding. Entry to most of our secondary programmes is subject to meritorious performance on assessments. This is because we teach material at a more advanced level, and aim to accelerate students through the school curriculum at least 6 months ahead.


In our programme, students are given modules that provide them with the opportunity to develop their understanding of a concept. Tutors demonstrate how to answer various types of questions and provide strategies and methodologies for problem solving and exam techniques. Students attempt questions similar to questions that appear in assessments and answers are then discussed. Common student errors are highlighted so that students can avoid these errors in exams.


Science, as taught at Tuitionworks, focuses on developing an understanding of the fundamental physical concepts about the world in which we live. We believe comprehension of these concepts is vital to a student’s secondary schooling. In particular, our Science Programme provides a solid base for the transition from basic science to more specialised science courses, such as Chemistry, Biology, and Physics, at the upper secondary level.

Students will work individually and cooperatively to develop their individual writing and problem solving skills. The ability of our tutors to teach with a unique high-energy style inspires our science students’ curiosity about the world around them, and increases their interest in learning. Our tutors train students to think logically and analytically, and enable students to produce marks beyond what they and their parents had previously believed possible.