Primary Programme

Our EMW programme is for students in years 3 – 5. It covers the fundamental and most important subjects learned in primary school – English, Maths, and Writing.


The aim of the programme is to maximise students’ natural abilities. It caters to the needs of all types of students, from those who find English particularly challenging to those seeking to extend their abilities beyond the basic school curriculum.


Mathematics is often the subject that students struggle the most with at school, particularly in the primary level. If the basic concepts of using the decimal system, multiplying with large numbers, and understanding fractions and percentages are not understood in early years, students only continue to struggle throughout middle and senior school.

The Tuitionworks Maths Programme at the primary level aims to help students with their understanding of mathematics’ fundamental concepts and required abilities in an environment that stimulates students’ interest and improves their confidence.


At Tuitionworks, we believe the ability to write well is a life-skill that opens innumerable doors for students. Writing is by far the most important skill in learning, as poor writing skills affect a student’s success in all subjects.

Our Writing Programme aims to refine students’ abilities to understand and analyse a variety of text types as well as produce their own structured pieces. This allows students to express their creativity whilst developing their abilities to describe, to utilise a diverse range of vocabulary, to use literary techniques, and to write in different tenses and from different perspectives. Students are also required to write in a variety of text types from information reports, to creative narratives, to high-school style essays.

Writing is one of the areas in which students often find it most difficult to achieve marks in the Private School Scholarship Test. Our Writing Programme will provide your students with the skills and techniques needed to stand out in this area and achieve high results.

For primary students we also run very successful scholarship test preparation courses.