UCAT Preparation Classes

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an aptitude test designed to assist in the selection process for undergraduate health professional courses.

It is delivered by Pearson Vue on behalf of the UCAT ANZ consortium of universities in Australia and New Zealand.

The aim is to test a range of cognitive abilities determined by universities to be important in studying medicine, dentistry and clinical sciences.

2021 UCAT Information

Registration Opens: 1 March 2021

Registration Deadline: 17 May 2021

Testing Begins: 1 July 2021

Last Testing Date: 11 August 2021

For more information, please head to the official
UCAT website: www.ucat.edu.au/ucat-anz/

Our UCAT Preparation Classes
  • We offer UCAT classes for both Year 11 and 12 students.
  • Classes run on Saturday afternoon between 1:30-4:30pm.
  • There is a fee of $99 per class, which includes all materials provided in class.
  • Materials are not to leave the Tuitionworks premises, due to copyright restrictions.
  • Disclaimer: During the transitional period between UMAT and UCAT, Tuitionworks will continue to use UMAT materials until the end of 2018, with updated UCAT materials being implemented in Term 1 2019. However, please note that skills learned using UMAT materials have a high degree of crossover with those involved in the UCAT.
Why should I attend group UCAT classes?

In our classes, students are guided through trial questions on logical reasoning, emotional intelligence and abstract thinking to prepare them for the test. This way when they undertake the test they will be well equipped with the knowledge of how to answer the UCAT style of questions.

Further, group classes are an excellent way of learning, as it is always beneficial to see how other students would have answered the questions.

For successful course results, it is necessary that all students maintain high standards in all areas. Students must maintain a positive learning attitude and respect for other students, as we are all here to achieve a common goal. If you put 110% into the course, the results will speak for themselves!

What is in the UCAT test?

UCAT will assess your abilities in each of these 5 sections which cover a range of general skills that are deemed important in health professions. The computer-based exam is 2 hours long and consists of five areas which are as follows:

Section Details
Verbal Reasoning Assesses the ability to critically evaluate information presented in a written form
Decision Making Assesses the ability to make sound decisions and judgements using complex information
Quantitative Reasoning Assesses the ability to critically evaluate information presented in a numerical form
Abstract Reasoning Assesses the use of convergent and divergent thinking to infer relationships from information
Situational Judgement Measures the capacity to understand real world situations and to identify critical factors and appropriate behaviour in dealing with them

UCAT Consortium ANZ Participating Universities:

  • The University of Adelaide (Medicine, Dentistry, Oral Health)
  • Curtin University (Medicine)
  • University of Newcastle/University of New England (Medicine)
  • Monash University (Medicine)
  • University of New South Wales (Medicine)
  • University of Queensland (Medicine, Dental Science)
  • University of Tasmania (Medicine)
  • University of Auckland (Medicine)
  • University of Otago (Medicine)
  • University of Western Sydney (Medicine)
  • University of Western Australia (Medicine, Dentistry)

2018 UMAT Results

We wish to extend our congratulations to our Year 12 Tuitionwork students who recently sat the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Services Admission Test ('UMAT') on 25 July 2018.

9 students achieved an overall 80 percentile or higher

and 2 students achieved an overall 99 percentile!

Our Year 12 students from 2018 achieved some excellent results and we congratulate them on their performances.

The UCAT course is held on Saturday 1:30pm-4:30pm during the school term and current Year 11 students are eligible to enrol. Bookings are essential!

UCAT Trial Test Course - Winter Holiday

Tuitionworks offers an annual UCAT Trial Test Course for current Year 12 students to sit during the Winter Holidays. This special course will be held for 4 days. Course details shall be released in early 2019.

Note:      Students must attend the entire duration of the course.

UCAT materials supplied by Tuitionworks must not be copied in any format, such as taking photographs by electronic devices, nor can they be removed from Tuitionworks premises for copyright reasons.