Private School Scholarship Course (ACER & IGNITE)

Preparation For Private School Scholarship Tests

Tuitionworks offers a special course for students who are going to apply for a scholarship. This Private School Scholarship Course is usually held in the summer holidays, for students who have just finished year 6 and are going into year 7. Entry into this course is very competitive and priority is given to existing Tuitionworks students, so if you are interested in this course please make a booking early.

Students who attend our Private School Scholarship Course gain three important benefits:

  • Their academic skills in English, Maths and Writing are not only developed but reinforced and extended to a very advanced level.
  • Examination techniques and time management are taught. Practice exams are given so that when students face the real thing, they will know what to do and it won’t seem so daunting. These skills are not usually taught in most primary schools.
  • Students gain confidence. This is because they know that their skills are well developed. They are accustomed to hard work and competition which are both integral to the educational philosophy of Tuitionworks.

With 15 years of experience, and the support of a wide network of experienced tutors, we can help your child achieve exceptional results.

During the course, students will complete a number of practice exams to test their skills in English, Maths and Writing. After each test, a tutor goes through the exam questions with the students so difficult questions and incorrect answers can be fully explained and corrected, so the students will know what to do in the real test. Other lessons also focus on improving general Maths and English skills, as well as teaching students how to plan and organise creative writing ideas within a time limit.

Attending this course puts your child in an excellent position to do the best they can in these competitive exams to win a Private School Scholarship.

Over the last 11 years, 123 students have won 163 scholarships. So far this course has saved our students more than $13.6 million in school fees.
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